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July 26-28


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The 77′ staysail schooner, designed by the late Fred J. Peterson, and built in 1946 by Peterson Builders, began its maiden sea voyage in 1947 when she cruised the North Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea and Caribbean Islands. In November 1956, Peterson and his crew embarked on a three-year cruise around the world, stopping at ports in the Azores, Tangiers, Gibraltar, Canary Islands, Trinidad, Havana, Tonga, Galagapos, the Solomons, New Guinea and dozens more. It is estimated Utopia has logged more than 60,000 miles, including several Chicago-Mackinac races. In recent decades, Utopia, owned and skippered by Ellsworth Peterson, has been a goodwill ambassador in Door County, WI and elsewhere hosting numerous non-profit events and receptions.



Explore our Great Lakes and the world of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) with Inland Seas‘ ROV Engineer and Explore Program.  Ticket price includes general festival admission.

Participants will work in small groups at the “Engineering Station” where they design, build and test an original ROV.  They must design their ROV for a mission (task):  maneuvering around an obstacle and retrieving floating objects.  In these hands-on engineering challenges, participants develop an understanding of buoyancy and underwater propulsion, as well as teamwork, problem solving skills and an understanding of the types of problems ROV operators overcome in their work.